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CSS Pixel art in less than 5 minutes

Try Pixal now!

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Β·Jan 28, 2022Β·

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CSS Pixel art in less than 5 minutes

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Table of contents

  • Why I made it?
  • How to use it?
  • What will I do next

Hello, everyone! A few months back, I made a project called Pixal, which is an HTML and CSS pixel art generator. I thought now it was time to share this tool with you all.


btw it's nothing revolutionary, it's just small project you can build in an hour 🀣

Why I made it?

I came across a blog post on CSS tricks about CSS pixel art. So, I made quite a few of them on my Codepen and they look nice I guess.

...and many many more

How to use it?

Just specify the height(for example 500px) and width, no. of rows, no. of columns, and you're all done!

Then just click click click click click click click click click click click, and your pixel art is ready!

What will I do next

IF I am a bit brave, I'll add some nice features(maybe).

So, just check it out. I know it's of no big use, but it was just a small project to study the DOM a little further.


Follow me or this Caterpie will annoy you tonightπŸ›πŸ›πŸ›πŸ›πŸ›.(just joking viewing it is enough)

Also, comment if you want a tutorial about how to make an application like this.

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